VAM T4 & T5

Updated High mobility vehicles according to the highest requirements for best performance as Multi-Purpose Off-road 4×4 vehicles, regarding versatility, reliability, payload and safety, driving both on and off road, classified by NATO.
Due to its design and manufacturing process, employing double use technologies, the VAMTAC T4 & T5 are  just the perfect vehicles for all all Armed Forces as well as for Custom and Country Police Corps, Civil protection and any other Public or Private security Organisations, for those missions where both equipment and personnel require safe transportation in extreme difficult areas even over the toughest off-road terrain and under the worst climate conditions.
The VAMTAC has overcame the hardest evaluation tests made by the Spanish and the Greek Ministry of Defence, loaded with 1.500/2.000 kg towing howitzers and trailer units with up to 1.500 kg. of load, on all kind of possible circumstances:


  • Temperatures between -300C and +500C.
  • Over snow, ice, mud, sand dunes, rocks and disembarking areas.
  • Across military areas where only tracked vehicles are allowed to circulate.
  • Water fording areas, crossing water streams 750mm depth (up to 1.500mm with deep fording kit).
  • Carried as external load, bu “Chinnok” helicopter.
  • Transported into “Hercules” C-130 aircraft, and parahute-delivered from low altitude.