Comparative Advantages

 # Conventional Assemblers of  big Automakers PONY®MINI-PLANT is a Mother Automaker by itself. It produces really locally not merely assembling
1  Low costs through optimized high volume production.  Low costs through low volume flexible production of several models on a single chassis.
2  Extremely high fixed investments.  Extremely L o w fixed investments.
3  An assembly plant of 30.000 units p/a would require an investment of about US$600 million or about US$20.000 /unit. An assembly plant of DYNATEC® for 30.000 units p/a would require an investment of about $50 million or about $1.667 /unit Ratio: 12/ 1 in fixed investments.
 4  Extremely high fixed overheads.  Extremely low fixed overheads.
 5  Main attraction, elegance, eye appeal.  Main attraction, real handy tool, versatile.
 6  Reliable, high maintenance costs.  Reliable, low maintenance costs.
 7  Constant change of body styling almost every 4-5 years. Excessive high-retooling costs resulting to losses.  Classic styling, unchanged for many years (15 and more. US Wrangler Jeep last for over 50 years). Modest retooling costs adding up to steady profits.
 8  Complicated and computerized technology and expensive software adding costs and demanding special and expensive services.  Simple driving, real handy car, with a minimum of problems and low-cost Service facilities at every corner.
 9  High technology mechanical components, engines, transmissions etc. but with billions of US$ investments and constant R&D costs.  High technology mechanical components (drive-train) piggy-bank purchases. With no huge investments. Just buying the best components-at most affordable prices saving also a huge R&D cost.
 10  One self-carried body-platform without independent chassis.  One independent from body robust chassis-platform.
 11  Productivity in Europe from 30 to 35 units per man per year. In Japan from 40 to 50 units per man per year.  Productivity 40 units per man per year almost the same as the highly robotized Japanese production!
 12  Expensive, complicated tools and dies for deep drawing stamping and almost totally dependence to outside expensive tool makers.  Expensive, complicated tools and dies for deep drawing stamping and almost totally dependence to outside expensive tool makers.
 13  Uniformity in “loop” styling particularly through “CAD” computer design, resulting to almost all cars looking same like eggs!  Variety of Multi styling and easy adaptability to local demands on a single platform.
 14  Fragile and blown loop styling using plastic and composites.  Rugged, all steel classic and attractive styling easy to repair even by the users.
 15  Body and chassis integrated in one mono-bloc piece like an egg, with reduced endurance on off-road driving.  Body fully independent from chassis with unmatched endurance for off and on road driving.
 16  No possibility to offer an independent self-carrying and self-driving chassis or platform as asked for by the emerging countries.  Excellent possibility to offer self-carrying and self-driving chassis so that even simple shops in the emerging Countries build their own bodies (i.e. in Indonesia from wood).
 17  Impossibility to adapt a mass production to specific local and low-volume demands.  Unmatched possibility to adapt to local specific demands on a low volume production basis.
 18  Extremely complicated highly computerized supply systems aiming at the “JUST-IN TIME” with minimum inventories.  Inexpensive, supply of parts mostly within MINI-PLANT no “JUST-IN- TIME” must, strikes etc.
 19  Super concentration with high volume “BREAK EVEN POINT” close to about one million units p/a. Super de-concentration with unprecedented l o w volume “BREAK EVEN POINT” to about 1.500 units p/a! World Record!
 20 Expensive spare parts, particularly if, as usually, shipped from overseas bases.  Inexpensive spare parts, particularly body parts locally produced within the PONY® MINI-PLANT!
 21  Increasing use of plastic andcomposites primarily to appeal to the eye. But deteriorating in the burning sun of Africa and elsewhere.  No use of plastics, all galvanized steel, rugged bodies for easy repairs, even with a simple hammer.
 22  Self-carried bodies from conventional steel plates.  Chassis-platform from galvanized zinc plates.
 23  Due to high-volume the anti-rust body pre-treatment is made by spraying.  Anti-rust body treatment by dipping each car into tanks due to low volume production.
 24 Impossible to produce convertible cars without expensive body supports and carry-over parts.  Easy and inexpensive convertibles production due to an independent chassis with no carry-overs parts.
 25  Giant, complex and hard to manage factories with big labor forces and inevitable social problems.  Easy manageable factories with small labor force and less social problems.
 26  Reduced passive safety standards due to mono-bloc bodies without an independent chassis-platform.  Increased active and passive safety standards, through the unique independent chassis platform.
 27   Life Cycle maximum 10 years  Life Cycle minimum 30 years
 28 Last but not least, most of the big Automakers’ plants operate at under-capacity as little as 8% of the production.  In the antipode, a MINI-PLANT will never operate in low capacity or be obsoelte, since it can change its production over night.