PONY® vehicles – Unbeatable price for quality and segment.

Classic straight line styling, jeep-like, pick-up to last for at least 20 years (e.g. Willy’s Jeep  styling with only small cosmetic changes has lasted for more than 50 years).

Knowingly the loop-styling (swollen fenders, bonnets, etc.) become automatically obsolete within a few years reducing the trade-off price by 15% per year. Only in four (4) years the buyer loses 60% of its original payment.

In addition, PONY® spare parts retail prices sold at a fraction of the parts of the conventional automobiles.

PONY®, as it is, can perform combined jobs which no other car can perform. PONY® caries 850kg payload in itself but with a braked trailer another 600kg. So in total 1.450kg payload. Approximately about 50% payload of the usual pick-up which cost a multiple price of the PONY®.