OLYMPIC R&D and Prototype Cente
for automobiles for the productive mass

An additional Investment of

NAMCO INTERNATIONAL AG, Thessaloniki, Greece

in co-operation with the Technical Universities
of Thessaloniki, Athens, Sofia & Munich

1. Objectives:

The main objective of Research and Development Centre is to provide engineering, design and informational and production support for various activities connected with the development of NAMCO  Pony project. R & D center could also be involved in design and scientific activities for third party companies provided the necessary capacity is available.

 2. Activities:

 The main activities could be listed as:

 2.1 Design of parts and assemblies for NAMCO Pony including redesign of the existing solutions, reverse engineering and development of new modifications.  

 2.2 Analysis of parts and assemblies including structural and fatigue analysis, kinematics and dynamical behavior simulations.  

 2.3 Development of  production ready engineering documentation in the form of drawings. Development of additional accompanying documentation such as part catalogs, exploitation manuals, presentations including computer generated animations etc.

 2.4 Process planning, Support and development of technological processes and documentation for the third party suppliers should such needs arise. Working out of tools and dice.

 2.5 Maintaining the Product LifeCircle Management (PLM) for  flexibility and rapid changes in the construction according to the customer needs. It involves a virtual product development environment where designers, sourcing specialists, and production planners work collaboratively to explore and validate design and manufacturing decisions, ensuring Design for Manufacturability and Maintainability.

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