Simple & Classic


Farmobil AG, Chur-Switzerland 
Inthelco GmbH
, Munich-Germany
as applied by the PONY® Licensee 
at the plant of NAMCO International AG, Thessaloniki-Greece


The PONY® MINI-PLANT philosophy is comprised in “sophistication in simplicity”. Its 50 years automotive experience aims at the motorization of the productive lowest income people. The technology of NAMCO can reach down to the heartland of world poverty and into the millions of villages. Therefore for NAMCO there is an incredibly vast expansion field, the "third world”. The saturated, congestive, and over-invested limited number of the so-called developed Countries is PONY® secondary market. As PONY® is not a usual “fashion car”.

It is now being increasingly understood that the TECHNOLOGICAL CHOICE is of absolutely pivotal importance for a project to grow or die! NAMCO offers the Intermediate Technology which permits the ingenuity of people to be used with simple, inexpensive tooling, machines and "know-how" for the production of vehicles with the maximum possible use of local parts and local labor.

The intermediate technology of NAMCO’s locally produced vehicles assists in reviving the economy of low-income countries by motorizing the rural and the small-business population, the productive mass. NAMCO's technology recycles the capital within the given Country al the maximum possible level.

NAMCO’s technology and know-how refuses to enter into the "vicious circle" of the "capital intensive", fully automated labour-saving technology of the rich and big Automakers. As there is no point in the third world to build huge-investments factories which finally have no multiplier effect for the Country: namely local goods are sold... for foreign exchange, and the foreign exchange is spent on imports (or the repayment of-the debt), and that is the end of it! An economic swamp without any outlook of hope.

NAMCO simply believes on the principle of ''PRODUCTION BY THE MASSES AND NOT MASS PRODUCTION"' in fashionable cars. Nevertheless, NAMCO's long-term planning creates also an additional business for the big Automakers to sustain their lines-by selling their engines – drive-trains to a vast number of local producers of vehicles, like NAMCO in Greece. The-saturation ceiling which undoubtedly has already reached the automobile industry cannot be fought neither with new huge investments nor with the highly sophisticated automation which simply adds to mass unemployment. NAMCO's technologies offer the decentralization of the automotive industry into a vast potential; instead of the super-robotization which will lead to further {unemployment and demolition of the social cohesion to a sustainable profitable production.


** ultra-low initial fixed investment, capital per workplace, at the ratio of  1 : 20.                                .

** easily assimilated, and innovative technology based also on local standards and local workforce.

** 65-70% locally produced parts, namely the whole platform and body and only 30-35% imported parts  (drive-trains). Immense economy in foreign currency payments and rates fluctuation.

** motorize primarily the productive and rural mass of the people recycling large amounts of capital into the local economy in the form of local labor, local material suppliers, increase of know-how and expertise, local taxes, etc.

** easy maintenance and service of PONY® with locally produced spare parts by 80%.

** lowest Brake-Even-Point (B.E.P.) in the industry. NAMCO’s unique technology becomes decently profitable by producing only 1.500 units per year instead of the big Automakers technology of hundreds of thousands units per year. PONY® vehicles keep their value for at least two decades. Excellent trade-in bargains.


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