Main Philosophy


1.      KEEP IT STUPID SIMPLE (KISS): NAMCO designs its vehicles with a minimum of parts and frills making its products inexpensive and reliable

 PONY® models have an approximate 85% parts commonality. Tremendous advantage in spare parts economy and logistics.

3.      PONY® is in both chassis and body of 100% galvanized steel. No plastics are used that will deteriorate with the burning sun and fall apart!

4.      STAY LEAN: Its overhead is low and manageable, and with a limited R&D staff optimally deployed, it creates the modern “cell - manufacturing" methods.

5.      NAMCO is world-leader in modular production of chassis and body.

6.      BACKS ITS PRODUCTS: With the international distribution and service nets of big Automakers worldwide. As they are the suppliers of the drive-train and mechanical components.

7.      DE-URBANIZATION: many Governments have to reduce urbanization in order to minimize environmental pollution and rising social upheaval. PONY® among all other helps the slum clearances.

8.      FARMERS – SMALL BUSINESS – SERVICES: the de-urbanization creates new transport needs for farmer’s crops; particularly when farmers can bring their production directly to the land folks-markets without middlemen. This fact increases dramatically the net income of the farmer’s pocket. This trend multiplies also demands of the small-business and services.

9.      PONY® SPECIAL SEGMENT: fights drastically the rural poverty better than many social welfare aid systems.


                   GASOLINE – DIESEL – CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)


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