3 vehicles in one 4×4 & 6×6
Tractor + Truck + Equipment carrier

– All-wheel drive 4×4 & 6×6
– Differntial Locak on both axles
– Power Steering
– Disc Brakes on all wheels
– Powermaster® system ( world exclusivity of NAMCO)
Portal Heavy-duty axles with extra high ground clearance

The -A- system of Agricar® is the most modern concept of automotive technology. Fifteen years of continuous research & development gave birth to the -A- system. It combines 3 operations in 1, namely one Agricar in reality is

  1. A powerful agricultural tractor
  2. An all-wheel heavy duty special truck, with giant portal axles and tremendous tractive power (up to 2 big trailers – in total 42 tons).
  3. A real power system with Front, Rear and Middle PTO for attaching almost all agricultural and cosntruction implements.