3 vehicles in one 4×4 & 6×6 Tractor + Truck + Equipment carrier – All-wheel drive 4×4 & 6×6 – Differntial Locak on both axles – Power Steering – Disc Brakes on all wheels – Powermaster® system ( world exclusivity of NAMCO) Portal Heavy-duty axles with extra high ground clearance The -A- system of Agricar® is the most modern…(Continue Reading)


NAMCO – National Motor Company – a derivative of FARCO AG, has a constant manufacturing presence in Greece for the last 50 years. The management of the company is entrusted to young, dynamic professionals from Greece and Germany. Our main activity is the manufacturing of affordable multipurpose vehicles, such as PONY®, as well as the distribution of other commercial automobiles. NAMCO’s manufacturing…(Continue Reading)


NAMCO International AG is the world leader in small vehicle plants (MINI PLANTS) characterized by Low-Volume Production (LVP) and Lowest Initial Investment (LII). In general, MINI-PLANTS are profitable, flexible and effective operations. The NAMCO’s PONY® MINI-PLANTS use drive-trains of the most successful models of the world renowned Automakers. NAMCO International AG invites investors with a vision…(Continue Reading)

Comparative Advantages

 # Conventional Assemblers of  big Automakers PONY®MINI-PLANT is a Mother Automaker by itself. It produces really locally not merely assembling 1  Low costs through optimized high volume production.  Low costs through low volume flexible production of several models on a single chassis. 2  Extremely high fixed investments.  Extremely L o w fixed investments. 3  An…(Continue Reading)

NAMCO International AG Group

NAMCO International AG 16th km Thessaloniki – Polygyros Rd., Nea Redestos, PO. BOX: 60482, 57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki, GREECE. Production Plant of PONY®, AGRICAR®, MILICAR® and PYRCAR® and other automotive assembly operations EUROCAR AG Skyroy 19 & Seferi str., Ag. Paraskevi, 153 42, Athens, GREECE. Distribution Network Headquarters & Logistics

PONY® History

1972 – 1st Generation PONY® Namco would start the production of a light passenger-utility vehicle called the PONY, after an agreement was signed with Citroën. The car, whose original design was created by a team of French engineers on a 2CV platform, had been adopted by Citroën itself as part of “basic world car” project. Indeed, cars on the…(Continue Reading)


PONY® vehicles – Unbeatable price for quality and segment. Classic straight line styling, jeep-like, pick-up to last for at least 20 years (e.g. Willy’s Jeep  styling with only small cosmetic changes has lasted for more than 50 years). Knowingly the loop-styling (swollen fenders, bonnets, etc.) become automatically obsolete within a few years reducing the trade-off price by 15%…(Continue Reading)

VAM T4 & T5

Updated High mobility vehicles according to the highest requirements for best performance as Multi-Purpose Off-road 4×4 vehicles, regarding versatility, reliability, payload and safety, driving both on and off road, classified by NATO. Due to its design and manufacturing process, employing double use technologies, the VAMTAC T4 & T5 are  just the perfect vehicles for all all…(Continue Reading)

PONY® Models

PONY® is famous for mounting different engines and bodies on its simple platform     Up to 17 different bodies present up to 17 different models on a single platform! and many other models customized  according to the consumers’ needs.